AuthorKimberly King

Season 2 Episode 5

Harvey and Jeffrey meet up with a youthful tennis wonder, Marco Mendoza, that Jeffrey desires to sign. Harvey then assigns Mike the case and permits him to go to court in this stance. Marco is still under the guardianship of his parents, and they prevent him from going pro. Marco then proceeds to muster up a story about his father mistreating him to file for emancipation. However, Mike recognizes Marco lied, and his father wasn’t there the day the charges were performed.

Donna attempts to shred the memo to defend Harvey, but Mike finds out. Harvey nearly signs the affidavit that affirms that the firm never received the memo, but Mike interferes by spilling coffee all over it. He then informs Harvey that signing the affidavit would be perpetrating perjury and the elimination of evidence. Harvey asks Donna in the restroom and sharply lectures her. He states he’ll kill her but won’t fire her.  This reminds me of the mac repair calgary person I use who pisses me off because he is ridiculous lazy or doesn’t care about making money.

Louis brings his ill cat to work only to give Harold allergies. Later, after taking his cat to the dentist, finds out his cat had a system failure and needed to be put down. Rachel gives Louis advises by telling him that he should show as much concern to his colleagues as he showed his cat. She asks Mike to get an autographed ball from Marco and gives it to Louis, showing respect and regard for her boss.
Jessica, Daniel, Allison and Harvey figure out a deal breaker. Allison desires a settlement, but Harvey requires a win. Daniel and Jessica go out in a bitter battle over the case and determine to protect Harvey, the firm, and Jessica’s position by dismissing Donna. Jessica discharges Donna, and she gathers her stuff. Mike and Rachel are appalled to see Donna leave, fully believing that Harvey will step in and the save the day by retaining her at Pearson Hardman in spite of everything. Harvey, however, held near the elevators waiting for Donna. He doesn’t say anything but instead pushes the elevator button. Harvey sees while Donna goes.

Rachel tells Donna about her date with Mike and boasts that the are very comfortable with each other. She tells her that they found a way to not let the firm know about their relationship. Donna advises Mike about his recent run-in with Harvey in his apartment. Mike thinks that Harvey doesn’t care about Mike’s happiness. Donna drags Mike into Harvey’s office and tells him that Harvey had to fight tooth and nail to keep Mike on and even threatened Jessica that if Mike goes, he would go as well. Mike can’t believe it. Donna tells him that if he cares so much about Rachel then he doesn’t have a choice but to break up with her. A moment of emotion is seen as Donna tells Mike that the feelings go away after a break up and that it is still possible that they can work with each other because of Donna’s experience with Harvey when they were still working at the DA office.

Louis is waiting to speak with Jessica about something important when Paul Porter interrupts them. Jessica gives Louis a severe look, to which he responds to begrudgingly “it can wait”. Louis goes to his office and looks at the card he received from Arnie Berenson when a messenger comes and gives him a package. The package includes a gift from Daniel Hardman; and when Louis opens it, he is happy to see it is an audio recorder that Louis needed. He then discards Arnie Berenson’s card as if now he understands he can side with Daniel Hardman and work with the firm for a lot longer.

Harvey tells Mike that Jessica had turned down their arrangement with Tom and that bankruptcy should be the answer. Harvey is not ok with the reality that he is required to follow orders from Jessica and even Paul when there is an obvious solution to the dilemma. Harvey tells Mike that he should also do the right thing in his conflict with Rachel. Harvey and Mike meet with both Paul and Tom in the conference room to tell Tom about the deal. Harvey tells Tom that they were able to renegotiate the terms of the loan, and his installments would be further delayed. Harvey makes it clear that the choice means no bankruptcy nor foreclosure. Paul is unpleased, and after Tom says that he will never forget what Harvey has done, he echoes the same phrase, with a much darker sentiment.

Harvey meets with Jessica at the building’s rooftop, and she explains that she feels betrayed by Harvey’s actions. Harvey says that notwithstanding the circumstances he has designed with the bankruptcy department, it will be great for her and the real estate department. She explains that she doesn’t have an objection with real estate, but it was Harvey they disliked. She can’t understand why Harvey would put himself in front of her and that Harvey just doesn’t care. Jessica now feels betrayed and abandoned in her power struggle with Hardman.

Mike meets up with Rachel at a hotdog stand to break up with her. Rachel is confused. Mike tells her of Colin McCarthy; a first-year associate Rachel used to date but when they broke up Colin’s whole prospects just went down the drain and he eventually got fired. Mike says that he will somehow screw up their relationship and have the same fate as Colin. Rachel can tell Mike is lying, but comes to the conclusion that he thinks she is not good enough for him. She tells him as much and storms off.

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