Harvey and Jeffrey meet up with a youthful tennis wonder, Marco Mendoza, that Jeffrey desires to sign. Harvey then assigns Mike the case and permits him to go to court in this stance. Marco is still under the guardianship of his parents, and they prevent him from going pro. Marco then proceeds to muster up a story about his father mistreating him to file for emancipation. However, Mike recognizes Marco lied, and his father wasn’t there the day the charges were performed.

Donna attempts to shred the memo to defend Harvey, but Mike finds out. Harvey nearly signs the affidavit that affirms that the firm never received the memo, but Mike interferes by spilling coffee all over it. He then informs Harvey that signing the affidavit would be perpetrating perjury and the elimination of evidence. Harvey asks Donna in the restroom and sharply lectures her. He states he’ll kill her but won’t fire her.  This reminds me of the mac repair calgary person I use who pisses me off because he is ridiculous lazy or doesn’t care about making money.

Louis brings his ill cat to work only to give Harold allergies. Later, after taking his cat to the dentist, finds out his cat had a system failure and needed to be put down. Rachel gives Louis advises by telling him that he should show as much concern to his colleagues as he showed his cat. She asks Mike to get an autographed ball from Marco and gives it to Louis, showing respect and regard for her boss.
Jessica, Daniel, Allison and Harvey figure out a deal breaker. Allison desires a settlement, but Harvey requires a win. Daniel and Jessica go out in a bitter battle over the case and determine to protect Harvey, the firm, and Jessica’s position by dismissing Donna. Jessica discharges Donna, and she gathers her stuff. Mike and Rachel are appalled to see Donna leave, fully believing that Harvey will step in and the save the day by retaining her at Pearson Hardman in spite of everything. Harvey, however, held near the elevators waiting for Donna. He doesn’t say anything but instead pushes the elevator button. Harvey sees while Donna goes.